How React Native Plays an Important Role in Improving the Productivity of Mobile App Developers?

React Native Development

How React Native Plays an Important Role in Improving the Productivity of Mobile App Developers?

The popularity of mobile apps barely requires an introduction nowadays. From a neighbourhood kid to corporate professionals, everyone depends on mobile apps for getting things done fast and smoothly. The functionality and feature-set in such mobile apps are growing with time, and users can accomplish many things using such apps. To keep up with the growing demand of users, mobile app developers must use the right technology. React Native fits the bill very well here.

What is React Native? 

A creation of Jordan Walke, React Native is an Open-Source framework that was meant to blend Facebook’s JavaScript library with the top parts of React to aim at the mobile platforms. It is used widely for mobile application building on varying platforms. Several popular online applications like Netflix, Instagram, Snapchat have benefitted from using this framework for creating mobile apps. Mobile app developers are using it in a big way, worldwide.

Why React Native is important for Mobile App Development?

While there are other options available, using React Native can be beneficial for developing mobile apps.

Fast Returns 

In mobile app development, demand for things that last for long and gives returns without delay is preferred. When React Native is used to developing mobile apps, this is easy to accomplish.

Migrating from a web page to a mobile app is easy

Owing to natural code overlays and fragmented module, developing apps with this framework is not tedious. Shifting from a web page to a mobile app is a smooth transitional process. However, hiring a team of skilled React native developers would be necessary.


Nowadays, businesses develop apps for iOS as well as Android OS. It is better to use a platform for mobile app development that supports code re-usage. React Native is cross-platform compatible, making things simpler for the developers.

Less usage of Memory

It is better to develop mobile apps using a platform or framework that does not hog memory much. In this regard, React native is a worthy choice. It consumes a frugal amount of memory. The major part of codes is needed only at run-time.

Futuristic and Flexible approach 

Developers using this mobile app development framework prefer it for flexibility. Using the framework, developing feature-rich and functional apps is not hard.

How does React Native improve the productivity of developers?

Mobile app developers must choose a framework that helps enhance the level of productivity. The customers need delivery of apps without delay and so using a framework that helps expedite development is a prerequisite. React Native usage helps the developers create stunning and functional mobile apps in a short period. Its usage also helps boost overall productivity.

Here is how using the framework helps enhance the productivity of developers:

Fast Cross-platform App Development

When mobile app developers use React Native, it is easier for them to create apps for various platforms. To deploy the app on a different platform, only one-fifth of the used code needs to be modified. This can be a huge time saver, and the developers can remain productive. It also helps in cutting down development cost.

Ease of Learning

React Native is JavaScript framework-based, as it is. So, picking it up is easy for any developer. Its support for many third-party tools eases the learning curve to an extent. This is why many mobile app development professionals, including veteran ones, embrace this platform. Newbie developers do not need much time to polish their skills either.

Reusable Code 

React Native scores owing to its inherent support for code re-usability. This can be especially helpful for developers when developing several apps in a short period or developing a complex app. The facility to reuse code helps them stick to the timeline and enhances productivity overall.

Robust and Future-Ready

It makes sense for mobile app developers to use a future-ready platform as well as robust. They do not need to spend time fixing bugs and minor flaws. The framework is suitable for developing advanced apps with plenty of features.

An outstanding Developer Community 

Mobile app developers may face hurdles while creating an app, and prompt support can be a saviour in such situations. React Native users can resort to a big and responsive online community whenever they face any app development issues. This can help evade unnecessary delays and stay productive. The online support comes for free, mostly.

Live and Hot Reloading

This is one feature of React Native that proves to be bliss both for the developers and end-users. It is Life most of the times, and any update is reflected in real-time. The developers can recompile codes and see the changes without delay.

Readymade off-the-shelf component 

The last thing mobile app developers want is using a tool or framework that lacks inbuilt components to get things working. Sometimes, using third-party components is a prerequisite in enhancing app functionality and overall performance. The good thing about React Native is that it comes with support for many third-party plugins, and there are pre-built components too. This helps the developers staying productive.

Craft the native-like UI 

There was a time when Native app development was both time-consuming and a costly proposition. Using React Native, developing a native-like interface is no longer tedious. It takes less time to develop apps on this platform compared to competing for app development tools.

To ensure all these functionalities can be availed, hiring a top react native development company is recommended.


There are several benefits of deploying React Native for cross-platform mobile app development. The framework, based on JavaScript, is easy to deploy and comes with handy features that reduce developers’ burden and help them stay productive. However, to utilize the platform to the hilt, it is necessary to hire react native app developers with enough skill and expertise.