How to Hire React Native Developers: Extended Guide For Executives

Hire React Native Developers
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How to Hire React Native Developers: Extended Guide For Executives

It’s not as simple as it seems to hire react native developers to work on your ambitious project. You’d have to go through a stack of resumes, interview just the most qualified candidates (based on factors like their talents and experience), and make a final hiring decision. The article elaborates on some of the important aspects involved in finding and hiring a team of React Native programmers.

What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework built on top of Meta’s ReactJS that makes it easier to build native mobile apps for both iOS and Android. The programming languages used by React Native include JavaScript and JSX, a markup language with XML-like syntax. The rendering of React Native apps is handled by the platform-specific Java and Objective C APIs, respectively. Apps built using React Native may access the user’s location, the phone’s camera, and other features by providing JavaScript interfaces to platform APIs. As a result, using web-based JavaScript, React Native experts can make top-notch mobile applications.

What a React Native Developer Is Responsible For?

Every programmer has the duty to ensure that their code is well-organised and free of bugs if they want their software to run smoothly. However, simply having the ability to produce code of a high quality is not enough. Without regard to the developer’s prior expertise, it is essential to detail their roles and duties so they know what is expected of them when working on a mobile project in React Native. Thus, some other responsibilities that a react native development company or or react native developers have are:

  • Build an interface that works as well as if it were built specifically for Android and iOS.
  • Taking input from customers and turning it into code that is both readable and stable.
  • Keeping an eye out for lapses in performance and anticipating any problems with the user interface.
  • Maintaining high-quality code by means of doing automated tests and performance assessments.
  • The ability to integrate third-party tools and libraries across platforms with the freedom to use native APIs.
  • Follow the full-stack development approach as outlined by the firm.

Technical Skills to Look for While you Hire React Native Developers at Junior Level

  • Junior developers’ understanding of React Native is limited. However, they need to have a thorough understanding of the core features of React Native, such as its APIs and libraries.
  • Candidates for junior React Native developer opportunities should have their code reviewed, ideally for JS6. Likewise, they should know their way around a few common apps.
  • Redux knowledge is a prerequisite for junior React Native programmers. It’s a handy tool for keeping track of the status of data in all of your common parts.
  • As a minimum, entry-level React Native Experts should have experience with the development cycle, including code compilation, debugging, and testing.

Technical Skills to Look for while you Hire React Native Developers at Mid-Level

  • Developing expertise in React Native and the creation of mobile-specific features is a prerequisite for moving on to hiring at the intermediate level. Additionally, they must be able to incorporate mobile functions into the app.
  • Middle-level React Native Experts should have a working knowledge of various databases and data caching.
  • Middle-level React Native programmers need to be familiar with registration processes and application rollouts. Developers at the intermediate level should be familiar with the process of integrating external services like Google, PayPal, and Facebook.

Technical Skills to Look for while you Hire React Native Developers at Senior Level

  • Experience with native languages like Objective-C, Kotlin, and Swift is a must for senior react native programmers or react native development company.
  • It is essential that senior React Native developers have the skills to include all necessary libraries and frameworks into the final product. They need to be able to develop native cross-platform apps.
  • Senior developers that can successfully conduct continuous delivery and integration are priceless. In addition to creating apps with real-time functionality, they may also ensure that the code is bug-free.
  • Senior React Native experts need mentoring skills, familiarity with several methodologies, and a deep grasp of the framework’s nuances while leading a team of medium-level and beginner level react native developers.

Soft Skill’s Importance while you Hire React Native Developers or React Native Development Company

Relational abilities or Interpersonal Relationships are what define a person’s soft talents. They are what make a developer worth hiring in the workplace. Even if a candidate has exceptionally hard talents, you may not benefit greatly from hiring them if they lack the traits that would allow them to operate well with your team. Why? A superb team member is one who takes responsibility and is open to guidance from their colleagues.

Other important Information to know while Hiring Developers

You should choose the freelancing approach if you do not intend to recruit React Native app developers who will be full-time employees. If you have a one-time project or a series of smaller jobs, you may find it useful to hire freelancers because of the flexibility it provides. However, if you are unable to find a reliable freelancer, you can hire a react native development company. Multiple reputable companies in India and across the globe provide react native programmers who work on a monthly or hourly basis. Most freelancers aren’t interested in long-term work with you, so don’t expect them to join your team. Rather get in touch with a good and experienced react native development company that keeps professional relationships and quality services on priority.


In Conclusion, hiring react native developers is not an easy task. Therefore, use the above information and your own expertise to find the developers that most suit your needs.