Reasons Why React Native is the Future of Mobile App Development?

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Reasons Why React Native is the Future of Mobile App Development?

In 2015, Facebook officially released React Native(RN) to the world, changing the whole game of Apps development. Previously when it came to app development, the operating system was a big issue for developers. It was either Android or iOS. Android for its faster system and iOS for its better user experience. But it all changed after Facebook created React Native in 2012. 

React Native is an open-source app development operating system that allows developers to develop an app for Android, iOS, and the web. React Native builds apps on react basis for both Android and iOS. It uses the codebase of both operating platforms. It gives a Native-like experience to the users. It gets coded in Javascript for making a rich UI from react components. React native is now the future of hybrid app development. Have a look at some of the reasons which make React Native the most scalable option for app development.

Compatibility at different Platforms

Gone was the time when app developers had to worry about which OS to use. Now one can have both android and iOS operating systems. You can use the same codebase on both platforms and save time as 90% of codes are the same for both Android and iOS. So basically, here we write code for one and use it on multiple platforms. 

React Native develops file extensions to add components to the specific platform if you want different components for each platform. It reacts or adjusts according to the platform files and OS.

Open Source with Strong Community of Developers

After Facebook officially released React Native in 2015, it is available to use for everyone. React Native has a strong community of influential developers working their way out to solve any issues or bug fixing. 

This community is constantly making this platform easier to use and advancing technology. 

Using Javascript code makes it a preferred language for app Development

React Native uses Javascript for coding, making it easily available and the preferred language for app development. Javascript is used by almost 66% of the world’s developers. It is the most demanding coding language for developers because of its fast and straightforward coding. Most people hire React Native experts even if they only know JS language for app development. 

Several frameworks are built on Javascript, making React Native easy to learn language for programming. It is readily available for all to use, making it the most versatile programming language.

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Plugin Integration with the Third Party

React Native facilitates the interaction of the app with native apps smoothly. Native interactions between apps add many developments, including better UI experience, improved loading speed, and simplified processing.

When React Native apps interact with native apps, the components get used to magnify the performance of React Native apps. Many React Native development companies use native apps components to improve their functionality.

Live Update and Reload Feature

React Native also offers a live reload of applications. It allows the developer to reload the app whenever changes get carried out to the codebase. One can see the changes made to the application instantly by using reload feature of React Native. 

Another fantastic feature of React Native is the live updates of applications. There is no need to go with the whole process of robust app data. Through React Native apps, data is automatically stored and updated with JS. It is an essential feature of React Native required for a better user experience and to avoid any run of apps in older versions.  

Development Environment of Application Developers

One of the critical reasons for React Native being the most demanded program is that apps get developed in less time. It provides a development environment to the developers who can experiment and execute tasks in real-time. It eliminates rebuilding codes and systems for different platforms, thus making the developer’s work smooth. 

Anyone who wants to hire react native experts can do it quickly as it requires only one requirement: Javascript. Thus, this has made the developer’s work facile.

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Perfect for Business Management

A business app works for various purposes and components which require a powerful operating system to manage. React Native framework is a perfect choice for a business application. Native framework only provides for a single operating system. It complicates things for the business.

React Native allows apps to get streamlined on different platforms with half the work than a native framework, as it uses single code for both Android and iOS. Due to its availability on cross-platforms, React Native development companies are the first choice for businesses.


Since its release, React Native has been one of the best available framework options for application development. React Native allows cross-platform app development, and it is open-source Javascript language programming. No doubt, React Native is the future of app development in the digital world.