Why Bet on Node.js?

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Why Bet on Node.js?

Whenever you want to bet on anything, person, or language, the first and foremost step is to understand it deeply. To give some history about Node.js, Ryan Dahl created Node.js in 2009. Apache was the HTTP Server then, handling the same tasks that Node.js has taken over now, which Apache did it much less efficiently. Apache, in particular, was unable to manage several queries at the same time. As a result, Node.js was born! Let’s see it in a bit more detail.

Advantage of Being Cross-Platform and Open Source

Node.js is a cross-platform, open-source JavaScript runtime environment. Being a JavaScript framework, programmers can use it to test and debug their code in a virtual domain.

Let’s see how being cross-platform and open-source gives Node.js the advantage. By being cross-platform, almost any developer can easily use it with the operating system of choice. Being an open-source platform makes it easy for developers to alter the source code as per their requirements or project needs.

Advantages of Server-Side Scripting

JavaScript developers use Node.js as a server-side scripting framework to construct dynamic websites. User requests are processed on the server-side or web server rather than on the client-side or web browser. Because of this scripting technique, clients do not have to budget for long loading times or mighty CPU utilization. 

One can use static web pages to achieve the same effect, but in that case, website content will be significantly less engaging, less interactive, and not even dynamic or updated in real-time.

Developers bypass the often overburdened presence of browser plug-in and technology by relying solely on the webserver because of server-side scripting. Speed also increases due to server-side scripting. All the processing happens at the back-end, on fast and robust servers rather than depending on the client end system’s speed.

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Benefits of using Node.js

Some of the most well-known companies today use Node.js. Some of the benefits of Node.js are listed here.

Easy to learn: 

Node.js is a simple language to learn, though you will still require to hire Nodejs developers to assist you with your application or project development. As it is a simple language to learn, the availability of developers becomes easy, which is a big reason why professionals study Node.js in the first place.

Simple to Use: 

You do not need to switch programming languages between back-end and front-end development with Node.js because it supports the ‘JavaScript everywhere’ concept.

Most programming projects employ tech stacks, including 2–4 distinct programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and other tools to address various development demands, such as databases, front-end development, and back-end development.

Fast Programming: 

Node.js is a lightweight programming language. Projects produced with Node.js reach the market faster. As a result, Node.js development has become more effective and straightforward, which cuts down on development time and overall time-to-market.

For obvious reasons, businesses consider shorter release timeframes to be desirable. This is due to the fact that they may receive rapid feedback and make real-time changes in agile mode.

This benefit helps you create a minimum viable product (MVP) to test Node.js project ideas in the market.

A More Scalable Alternative to Apache: 

One of the motivations behind creating Node.js was to provide a more scalable alternative to Apache. Scalability is an integrated benefit of Node.js. Companies that need scalable software to prepare for future growth go for Node.js. It can manage several connections at the same time. Load balancing, which is the act of spreading jobs competently among resources, is another useful aspect of Node.js.

Advantage of Being Community-Driven

Node.js is community-driven. A vast community of developers can receive a lot of support and input through knowledge exchange from the active communities built around.

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Node.js Development Companies

According to Node.js users, JavaScript is the go-to language for constructing dynamic websites. If you find it difficult, you can hire Node.js experts from one of the Nodejs development company. They further push their commitment to JavaScript by using it for front-end and back-end development. Most experienced JavaScript web developers are now employing Node.js to improve their back-end programming while using JavaScript for the front end.

Node.js development companies have chosen this product as their favorite runtime environment for JavaScript developers. Node.js is so popular that several prominent corporations like GoDaddy, Netflix, Uber, Trello, PayPal, NASA, eBay, Medium, Groupon, Walmart, Mozilla, and LinkedIn use it. The same community takes full advantage of Node.js’ open-source status, building tools that make development easy for everyone.

The official package ecosystem for Node.js, Node package management (NPM), is the world’s largest and fastest-growing software registry.


Node.js is used to construct robust, time-efficient, real-time network applications on the front end and back end. The most valuable benefit is that you won’t have to engage two different developers with diverse skills. All you have to do now is employ Node.js developers to take care of the complete web development project. Node.js contains all of the crucial characteristics essential for achieving outstanding performance. An essential factor of Node.js is a JavaScript framework built on a single-threaded, non-blocking event loop. Other modes, such as batch modules, boost the performance of this framework’s apps, allowing them to outperform a single CPU center, making it the most fantastic advanced technology play for web and app development. Web development services for Node.js are readily available, with a plethora of freelancers and in-house developers available in any Node.js development company and ready to take on any project. 

Great features, fantastic speed, loads of advantages all discussed above combined with ease of availability of developers that is Node.js. So, very convincingly, you can safely bet on Node.js.