Why are Startups Choosing Node.js Development?

Node.JS Development

Why are Startups Choosing Node.js Development?

As the world wakes up to the many benefits of using a JavaScript language. Many startups choose to go with the Node.js to leverage all the power of the world-class JavaScript language. With more companies investing in fast-developing technologies, many have realized they can offer a competitive edge by employing environment solutions such as Node.js to build consumer-friendly, easy-to-use web applications.

To take advantage of the large market and the need for fast-developing technologies, organizations choose to implement a cross-platform environment – Node.js. The long list of benefits of choosing Node.Js for your next project is pretty much self-explanatory. But let’s take a more in-depth look at what these cons are that are attracting the Startups and how you can benefit from them when building web applications for business growth.

Here are some of the reasons why Startups are choosing Node.js for their development projects:

1. Low learning curve

Since Node.js is written in JavaScript, a lightweight but powerful scripting language makes developers very easy to learn. This means that you will quickly develop new features and understand how they work thanks to a very simple, straightforward and clear syntax.

JavaScript framework makes Node.js a mature environment. It has a vast pool of libraries out there to extend application functionality. For instance, there is support for modules, filters, components, decorators, promises and much more. This provides developers with a rich, deep and flexible environment to build upon very conveniently.

2. Cross-Platform

Node.js is compatible with many browsers such as user PC or desktop, or even mobile phones as an app. This environment also supports most popular server-side frameworks such as PHP, Perl, and Rails. It also provides a highly extensible platform that allows developers to extend the framework’s functionality through the use of plugins.

Application owners and developers can build mobile apps using this cross-platform environment and understand how each feature works with minimal code.

3. MVP development

The Node.js environment allows for an easy transition from an earlier model-view-model (MVP) development to a more robust, enterprise-grade development where components can be organized in components that are decoupled. Furthermore, many popular third-party extensions are available for this environment, making it easier to incorporate into other applications.

Node.js’ components and features of Node.js make it easy for developers to create a wide variety of models that make it easier to develop a robust and responsive website that any user with any web browser can use. As a result, application owners do not have to compromise any time or budget building the final product.

4. Simple to Set Up

Node.js makes it easy to set up and run an application since several different components allow a developer to start working on a project quickly. A starter kit called the Node.js starter kit simplifies configuring Node.js as it is an SEO-friendly, fully configured, modular starter project for developing Universal JavaScript applications.

Additionally, developers can easily create reusable components by using a well-designed component system that makes it easy to create flexible layouts. Also, several drag-and-drop functionality options make it easy to develop complex pages with minimal code usage. The Node.js framework makes it easy to use for designers because many of its components are supported by default settings.

5. Robust Community Support:

Many developers contain comprehensive information about this environment due to the JavaScript code and access to plenty of tutorials. The official website also includes extensive documentation and an active community forum where questions and discussions about the environment.

JavaScript boasts a large community of passionate developers who are more than happy to help each other when it comes to open-source projects. There’s no better place to find help than the extended forums and chat groups. So, if you ever need any help, you’ll never be left hanging.

6. Free and Open Sourced

One of the best things about Node.Js is that it’s completely free! So, you don’t have to pay a developer to set up or maintain a development environment for you. You can get started with Node.js immediately by downloading the entire starter kit which includes the framework, several demos and guides on developing the applications quickly.

Further, you can hire a professional developer to build your application without much investment in the development project.

With node.js development company or by hire nodejs developers, you will be able to leverage the simplicity of the environment and power of cutting-edge technology, while avoiding the hassles that come with the development.

So, most Startups are choosing Node.js as they have everything that is needed in Node.js!