Top 6 Reasons Why Node.js is the Best Platform to build an eCommerce Marketplace

Top 6 Reasons Why Node.js is the Best Platform to build an eCommerce Marketplace
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Top 6 Reasons Why Node.js is the Best Platform to build an eCommerce Marketplace

In the world of ecommerce giants like Amazon and eBay, building an ecommerce marketplace is already a huge challenge. With a huge variety of platforms available to build a marketplace, choosing a right platform can be the first step towards such a challenging task.

Though it was earlier used as a scripting language for UI development, JavaScript is recently gaining attention from the developers.

More than 65% ecommerce developers across the globe use JavaScript for development – A report says.

The best part about JavaScript is that it has the ability to be a front-end scripting language as well as a language for server-side programming. Such abilities make Node.js an ideal platform for developing multi-vendor marketplaces. But what is Node.js?

Node.js – The Definition

According to wikipedia, Node.js is an open source, cross-platform, JavaScript run-time environment that executes JavaScript code outside of the browser.

The platform allows developers to use JavaScript for writing command line tools for server-side scripting to develop the dynamic page content before sending the page to the user’s browser. Not only for developing multi-vendor ecommerce marketplaces, but also for content administration and online endeavors, this platform works well. It is highly preferred for dynamic and acute database triggered web and mobile applications.

Who uses it?

A large number of brands trust Node.js development company when it comes to delivering exceptional customer experience. Here is the list:

  • Microsoft Store
  • GoDaddy
  • PayPal
  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • eBay
  • Groupon
  • Walmart

Over 81405 websites are powered by Node.js. Out of which, more than 18% are business websites.

Let us jump into the reasons why Node.js is the best platform for multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace:

1. Up-to-date Codebase

Being a new platform as compared to the others available in the market, Node.js has the modernized and updated codebase. The top Node.js framework stacks MEAN and MERN use the latest technologies such as MongoDB, Express, Angular 2, React, Express.js.

Wherein, MongoDB, Express.js, and Angular 2 for MEAN and MongoDB, Express.js and React for MERN. All these encode the latest security measures along with a considerable base library.

2. Superior Performance

The ecommerce leaders like PayPal and Walmart implemented Node.js in order to power their businesses. Looking towards the success of the implementation, PayPal observed a 35% of time being reduced and increased the overall number of financial sales per second.

With the implementation of Node.js, Walmart experienced the finest performance of the website. During Black Fridays, Walmart servers didn’t even surpass 1% of the CPU usage but served around 200,000,000 customers on the website. I guess now you are convinced that Node.js offers a new level to the performance of the ecommerce website.

3. Utilizes Faster NoSQL Database

You might have noticed other platforms being compatible with Relational Database, while Node.js is unique and is compatible with NoSQL Database. It works with SQL and NoSQL like MongoDB and CouchDB and executes the queries using graph-based database systems like neo4j. Moreover, it is also compatible with JavaScript Object Notation(JSON), making it easy to work with even without SQL.

With Node.js, you might not need to switch between the database syntaxes in order to execute front-end and back-end queries. A single Node.js syntax works perfectly fine on the server side and the client-side scripting. This makes it NoSQL database non relational database, which is comparatively faster than the other relational databases.

4. Increases Speed with Asynchronous Compilation

The faster applications are not built only because of the NoSQL database, but also because of the asynchronous compilation. Node.js allows asynchronous code compilation, increasing the system speed to the maximum. While you are using Node.js, the JavaScript engine compiles the entire program at once and does not wait for all the lines to execute in a defend sequence.

It becomes a non-blocking input/output asynchronous programming language that generates output for individual lines.

5. Functional Inheritance is Quick and Adaptable

The platform makes it easy and quick to adapt the functional inheritance and bind methods to their instances. A smooth and seamless functional inheritance offers developers a better performance benchmark and helps to avoid redundant method calling thus saving the time and efforts.

6. Cost-effective & Scalable

Being an open source solution, this platform offers the flexibility for repetition of codes. With the help of this, an online store/ecommerce website can quickly release application updates while reducing the labour charges. As Node.js uses the same language for server-side as well as client-side, you may not need to hire separate teams of developers for both sides. This helps you save a filthy amount and also helps you develop the application in a given timeframe.

Node.js can scale applications in two ways-horizontal scaling as well as vertical scaling. These scaling options can improve the ending credits of an application and hence makes Node.js the best technology to create a powerful ecommerce marketplace.

On an Ending Note….

Throughout the journey of your customer, Node.js takes care of everything. Right from browsing the products, adding them to cart, selecting payment options and placing the order successfully.

To stay ahead of the competition, Node.js has become a mandatory platform to empower the websites.