Top Nodejs Frameworks You Should Know About – Checkout in Detail For Each

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Top Nodejs Frameworks You Should Know About – Checkout in Detail For Each

There are mainly two things to consider when choosing a node.js framework for any of your projects:

  • How robust and scalable is the platform?
  • How comfortable is the development process?

Developers prefer a platform that is both advanced and provides flexibility to a diverse range of web applications.
This is why NodeJS frameworks have been consistently ranked at the top of solutions for developers. NodeJS is versatile enough to enable building smart, scalable network-based applications on the server-side. As an open-source platform, NodeJS framework is also a cross-platform for JavaScript runtime. Since it is an event-based, non-blocking I/O model, Node.js is extremely lightweight and efficient.

Let us look at some of the best NodeJS frameworks that undoubtedly make your work with JavaScript applications smoother.


HAPI is one of the most robust and powerful frameworks in use today to build efficient APIs. It has a well-developed plugin system and includes key features such as input validation, configuration-based functionality, implement caching, error handling, logging, and more features. It is one of the big 3 Node.js frameworks as the framework is highly customisable. It is used to develop REST APIs, as well as other software applications.

Hapi.js can be used with MySQL, MongoDB, and Postgres to create potential and static websites. And since it comes with a JavaScript Templating Engine, rendering dynamic content is very easy. is a Javascript library to allow the bidirectional flow of data between the server and the web client in real-time applications. It is a full-stack framework and provides developers with a simple and straightforward API that works seamlessly with every service. is chosen for its speed and reliability that is the hallmark of this framework. By providing similar APIs on the server-side section and the web-client section, it works on much higher speeds. It is highly versatile, as it even supports auto-correction, anomaly detection, rendering JSON serializable objects, multiplexing, etc. If you are looking to hire Node.js developer, this should definitely be a part of their skillset.


Adonis.js is a Model-View-Controller node.js framework helps developers in building an API Rest with JWT authentication and database access. CLI is bundled into the framework to make it possible to create bootstrap for applications. That is why it is highly recommended for writing scalable server-side applications. It runs on all major OS and developers can easily write different web applications with Adonis in a few lines of code. It offers a consistent ecosystem for developers to create what they need easily and smartly.


Keystone.js is a full-stack and open-source framework. It is developed in expree.js and MongoDB and is one of the most powerful frameworks for developing database-driven applications, websites, and even APIs. It offers a great Admin UI to let developers manage all their tasks easily and efficiently. Since it can be integrated with online platforms such as Cloudinary, Mandrill, Embedly, and Google Places they can easily manage data handling. It is also compatible with all major OS and provides stable management for the development activities.


This is one of the fundamentals of Node.js frameworks, as it is a full-stack framework for building real-time applications. It can help developers build both mobile and web-based Javascript applications. Since it shares the same APIs on both the server-side and client-side applications, it provides optimal performance of the applications. A Node.js development company would consider Meteor.js an important part of the technology they use since it gives users the liberty to use any other platform at an instance. If you are hiring a Node.js developer, it is important to gauge whether they have adequate experience with using the pre-written modules.


Most Node.js development companies use Koa.js since it is extremely powerful while being lightweight in terms of its requirements. Koa.js is a small, robust web framework that offers a powerful middleware framework. It can be used to develop potential web-based applications and APIs. If you want potential web-based applications and APIs, you should hire Node.js developers who can leverage Koa.js quality of web applications and error management. It allows developers to work with applications from scratch so they can customise it with features that they need only.


Sails.js is another great MVC micro-framework that offers a great solution for building browser-based applications. If you hire Node.js developer for real-time chat applications, social media applications, multiplayer games or dashboards, chances are they will use this framework to accomplish it. It also offers developers the ease to work with almost any database since it comes inbuilt with the ORM solution. It is highly compatible with quite a few front-end platforms and the developers will find this extremely useful.


A Node.js development company would use Nest.js to develop progressive server-side applications using cumulative Javascript. It offers great typing reliability (as it uses TypeScript) and includes components of FP, OOP, and FRP. When you hire Node.js developer, they will make use of the modular structure of the Nest.js so the code can be arranged systematically in different modules by using external libraries easily. It can be used to build highly scalable, loosely linked, testable, and easily manageable applications and can integrate a lot of unique features.


This is one of the best enterprise-grade Node.js frameworks that is used by big businesses. It is an highly-extensible framework and is an ideal open-source framework that allows developers to create dynamic REST APIs with very little or no coding. If you want to hire Node.js developer for creating SDKs and API Documentations, it offers the API Explorer widget that comes by default with the framework. It comes with a CLI tool to scaffold the Node.js server. And as a full-stack configuration, developers can use direct filters to easily inquire their database.


Any Node.js Development Company would count Express.js as one of the first selections for development. It is well-known for its speed, flexibility and minimalistic approach to delivering adjustable, fast and dynamic features for developing both web and mobile applications. It allows plotting single-page and multi-page and developers can render large HTML pages dynamically. Express.js also lets developers respond to HTTP requests by setting up middlewares. Mostly, it is extremely popular since it supports multiple template engines, easy HTTP methods, and asynchronicity to deliver unbeatable performance.