How eCommerce Point of Sale (POS) Contributes to Marketing and Conversion Optimization?

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How eCommerce Point of Sale (POS) Contributes to Marketing and Conversion Optimization?


In this age of competitive marketing, you don’t want to be left behind. eCommerce marketing has reached new heights due to the advancement of technology and every business, either big or small, is employing multiple different strategies to increase its sales and visibility. The end goal of any marketing strategy is to improve customer experience by simplifying the shopping experience, providing faster service, and giving customers multiple options.

For businesses that own physical as well as online stores, the competition is much tougher. Thus to successfully manage and market multiple stores, you need to employ a Point of Sale (POS) system to help you out. A POS system helps in managing inventory, orders, customers, and much more, accurately. It helps in improving the overall shopping experience and ultimately increasing sales. Let’s find out more about them and how they benefit our business.

What is a POS system?

A POS system is a place or point where customers pay for their purchases and a receipt is generated. It provides a frontend user interface for the physical store but also syncs with your online store. A point of sale system provides a modernized gadget for bookkeeping. Gone are the old ways of using ledgers and notes to keep track of sales, orders, and customers. The software and hardware involved in a POS system take care of multiple stores, transactions, sales, and much more, all in a single place.

Even with such benefits, more than 50/% of the retail store owners do not employ a POS system, why? Because they are not familiar with it. Thus, below we have tried to describe the workings of a POS system to help you better understand.

How does it work?

A POS system is a combination of software and hardware that helps in creating a friendly user experience for your customers that is fast and accurate. With the help of a POS system, you can cater to your customers’ needs quickly, simplify the checkout process, and manage orders on-the-go.

The main hardware component, the monitor, is attached to several devices such as a receipt printer, barcode scanner, card reader, etc. This, along with the On-premise or cloud software, helps you manage online/offline orders effectively.

You can also customize the POS system according to your business needs and requirements and set up multiple payment methods.

How POS System Helps in Increasing Conversion Rates

Using a POS system is a great and effective marketing technique that is sure to increase your conversion rates and sales. Let’s see some of its features that lead to that.

1. Speed and Accuracy

A point of sale system provides you with speed and accuracy, both of which are common errors if you do the work manually. With a POS system, all eCommerce related functions like inventory management, product management, customer and order management, etc will be automated and thus leave no space for error. Automating the multiple processes will also speed up the process and ultimately lead to improved customer experience which will help in retaining loyal customers, thus it is an effective marketing strategy.

2. Inventory Management

Having an efficient inventory management system is very important to make sure your store is operating smoothly. A POS system provides just that! It has a robust inventory management software that keeps track of products in-stock, out-of-stock, best selling, worst-selling, and much more.

It also helps you to manage inventory across multiple locations and also sends detailed reports regarding which products sell best at what time, which season, etc. This provides you ample opportunity to market your best-selling products and don’t overstock low-selling items.

It has also been estimated that around 40% of the customers abandon websites due to out-of-stock items, causing businesses to lose $1.1 trillion in revenue per year. Thus, a POS system will help in managing restocking and prevent overstocking.

3. Increases Brand Loyalty

Increasing brand loyalty is an effective marketing strategy that helps you increase sales and retain loyal customers. But how can you increase brand loyalty through a POS system?

A point of sale system provides detailed reports regarding the best selling products and peak sale hours, along with a customer management program. We can use this information and entice our loyal customers with amazing incentives like discounts and coupons to make them come back for more. Not only this helps in improving customer experience, but also gains visibility and increased sales.

4. Multiple Payment Options

Customers are picky, impatient, and they want choices. Another advantageous feature of a POS system is its ability to provide customers with multiple payment options. A POS system supports cash, bank transfer, credit-debit card, Visa, mobile wallet, and much more. It simplifies the checkout process and improves customer experience by providing customers the convenience of choosing their most favorable option. It also reduces human error and streamlines the cash flow.

Moreover, it also reduces the checkout time and increases the transaction speed thereby increasing conversion rates and sales.

5. Detailed Sales Report

The only way you can make successful marketing strategies is through detailed reports and analysis of your business. Luckily, a point of sale system’s key features includes generating detailed reports and statistical analysis that provide information regarding best-selling products, peak selling hours, seasonal demands, profit margins, products sold, low-selling items, stock management, and much more. Thus you can devise the perfect marketing strategy based on these daily, weekly, monthly reports and see your business grow.

6. Business On-the-Go

As mentioned above, there are two types of POS systems available, On-premise and Cloud-based. The cloud-based POS system is connected to the internet and thus can be accessed from any device. This enables you to operate your business on the go and manage your store while not being physically present.

It also enables you to back up your files, orders, customers, etc regularly and save them on the cloud, so in case of any troubleshoot or data erased, you can retrieve your backup files easily.

Final Words

A POS system is not just a glorified cash register, it is a fully functional software that can help you manage your online and offline orders simultaneously. With a POS system, you can tackle multiple stores in a single platform and manage orders, customers, employees, sales, along with detailed reports. It provides your store with a seamless, quick, and easy shopping experience that is sure to improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Overall, a point of sale system will automate multiple processes in your store, so you can put on energy into other aspects of your business. It is an affordable investment with multiple advantages that are too good to ignore.

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