Why Learning ReactJS Make Sense in 2020?

Why Learning ReactJS Make Sense in 2020
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Why Learning ReactJS Make Sense in 2020?

There are regular changes in the development field, which make constant need for upgrades in the businesses. ReactJS is also one of the trending technologies, that has won the hearts of different businesses, as it provides greater flexibility to the developers and brings an eye-pleasing platform for the users as well. 

For the developers, if they have yet to find out the benefits of learning the React JS technology, then they need to invest their time in reading this article. This article covers the benefits it brings and how it can be utilized further in the development field.

1. Increase Productivity

Many exceptional features are a part of the ReactJS framework, that helps in building visual experience for the users. In the front-end development, it is easy to remove the “JQuery” which is a code-heavy framework. Additionally, Virtual DOM improves the web app speed, which results in increasing the productivity of the web app process. There are many applications that have complex logic, where a single change made in the component can affect others. This issue is well-handled by ReactJS, where developers get the ability to re-employ the same/ earlier used assets. This makes workflow turn into an easy platform for the developers. You can hire react.js developers from a leading company and get your bets app developed at affordable price model.

2. SEO Friendly Platform

Your business needs effective SEO strategies to survive, and this is hard to be achieved for any new venture. It is very hard for any new website to generate high traffic and define online success. This is where ReactJS steps in and helps entrepreneurs and any business to make a remarkable presence on the online platform. The ReactJS library is well-versed with search engine parameters and knows what all it takes to create an SEO friendly environment.

To make this happen, ReactJS enables the website loading time as fast as possible and adapts the app performance in real-time according to user traffic demand. This ensures to make the faster loading and get quicker attention of the users to secure guaranteed online presence. 

3. Code Stability

The stable code is the core of any successful software. React JS brings a much more stable code by using downward data flow. This helps developers not create any impact on the parent structure, that occurs in the child structure afterward.

Within an app, when developers want to change any object, they need to modify their state. This helps them to make any required changes in any specific component. But this type of data binding structure of code stability can only take place with the ReactJS solution, which brings a smooth application performance.

Also, the ReactJS solutions, offer a seamless UI component for the software. This also helps developers to carry out the unit testing to avoid system crashes. With Code reusability, it is possible for the software to get developed in the reduced time to improve code quality giving stability to Code structure.

4. Development Toolset is a part of it

App development is a long process involving different frameworks, technologies, and many other factors. Any developer can only enjoy using the new trend if it brings assistance from the development tool as well. ReactJS provides a proper toolset for the development, letting developers cover the issues of debugging and design tools. The react native framework has different extensions, that let developers integrate reactive component hierarchies, identify child and parent components, and find out any props involved in the current state.

5. Perfect For Startups & Enterprise Business

ReactJS is a proven platform for start-ups due to the many benefits it offers to the developers. At the same time, it is a very popular choice for enterprises as well. As there are lesser time and money involved in the development process, businesses can adopt this trending technology by partnering with the leading React.js development company and expand their development team to ensure scalable business app.

6. Better front-end Development Experience

Due to the efficient framework functionality, the React Javascript library is growing its popularity level. Many websites are getting built using ReactJS, as its platform provides dynamic features. This enables front-end development to function well. It provides great work-experience and better web application development with flexibility and better usability features. 

7. Faster Rendering

A high-performance app takes a lot many factors to get built, and this structure and its technical advancement decide the future of the overall app performance. There is always an issue. Here any type of smallest change also can disturb the interface. But with the ReactJS this issue is answered well, where this Facebook powered framework has brought Virtual DOM, which helps in making any changes for heavy loaded and dynamic apps. With this documentation model, developers get the virtual representation, where changes take place first using various diff algorithm. And the DOM operations calculate the minimal scope and afterward the real DOM tree is updated accordingly. This saves time and ensures to bring the guaranteed user-experience for a high-value mobile app solution.

8. Easy to Learn

Facebook has ensured to bring the comfort of development in this platform and has made ReactJS a very easy to learn the platform. If you start comparing, then you may find that this framework is very focused than any other JavaScript framework. The simplicity ReactJS provides makes this platform a most usable platform by different businesses across the world. 

Also, the comfort of learning it provides to the developer community is one of the best advantages offered by this platform. This enables the developers’ community to learn the technology and complete the project on it easily. This makes the project to get finished on time, and developers don’t face any challenges while learning and implementing it in the development part.

9. Strong Community is at the Back

The React platform is ever-evolving and has a strong community that is serving to its needs, and keep updating new updates. As this technology is powered by Facebook, there is React GitHub repository having more than 1100 contributors. Also, there is an internal team of engineers from the social giant that makes this platform a worthy option to try.


The learning platform offered by ReactJS is broad and massive. There are many advantages associated with it, and once it is learned, it can easily be utilized to make some engaging web app solutions, that improve the user interface to some other level. But it is always better to take the help of a skilled react js development company for Website App development

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