Tips To Build SEO-Friendly Web Applications using React

Tips To Build SEO-Friendly Web Applications using React
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Tips To Build SEO-Friendly Web Applications using React

There’s no denying that React is becoming standard practice in today’s web development. Larger companies that need complicated development and for whom a simpler strategy (such as employing a WordPress theme) won’t fulfil needs are increasingly turning to React and comparable frameworks. Nonetheless, search engine optimization specialists were slow to adopt frameworks like React because of the difficulty of JavaScript rendering. Instead, they favoured making information accessible via the HTML source. While these complications once prevented developers from adopting React, improvements in Google’s rendering of JavaScript and React’s own rendering capabilities have removed them. Therefore, it’s essential to know the tips or techniques to build SEO-Friendly Web Applications using React. This article will discuss the best tips to optimise your web application using React. 

What is React?

React was created by Meta (previously Facebook) as an open-source JavaScript framework for creating websites and mobile apps. React’s primary benefits lie in the fact that it is declarative, component-based, and facilitates DOM modification.

Understanding the parts is easiest if you compare them to WordPress plugins. Component libraries, like MUI or Tailwind UI, let reactjsjs experts construct designs and add features to websites rapidly.

What is SEO and Why is ReactJS SEO Important?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the method of improving a website’s visibility in search engines by influencing users to visit the site through natural means. If you’re going to the trouble of creating a web app, you’ll want it to be easy to find when people search for it. That’s why, before you begin building your site, you need to figure out what steps you’ll take to optimise it for search engines. To optimise your web app for search engines, you’ll also need to be familiar with how Google ranks web pages. Crawling, indexing, and ranking are the three main phases that make up this process.

Effective Ways to Build SEO-Friendly Web Application

Use Pre Rendering

The practise of prerendering is widely utilised to optimise both single- and multi-page web applications for search engines. You may use a prerendering service, like, which is a popular option.

Typically, this is employed in cases where search engine crawlers experience difficulties displaying the sites in question. Pre-renderers are a type of application that may be used to prevent requests from reaching a website in such situations. That so, the image clearly depicts two distinct scenarios.

In the first place, the pre-renderers will only deliver a cached static HTML version of the website in response to a request from a bot. Second, the standard welcome page is displayed if the request originated from the user.

If you don’t know how to do this, you can hire reactjs developers who will do it for you quickly. 

Utilise a Href Tags

Changing the URL with a div> or a button> is a typical blunder in SPAs. In this case, the problem is not with React itself but with the way the library is being employed.

There will be issues with search engine optimization if you do this. As was previously indicated, Google will examine the < a href> components of a page for further URLs to crawl as part of its analysis of the page being indexed.

If the < a href> tag is absent, Google will not be able to follow the links and provide PageRank. You may fix this by using the < a href> tag to connect to the pages you want indexed by Google.

Verifying that your link points to the right URL is simple. Check the HTML for <a href> tags and the element that creates internal links to make sure they’re present.

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Prefer Server Side Rendering

There are two strategies you may employ to boost your single-page app’s rankings in search engines if you decide to go that route. One of these is the utilisation of server-side rendering.

You probably already know that Googlebot does superior indexing and ranking of server-rendered sites. The Next.js React framework was built to facilitate server-side rendering (SSR), which is something you’ll want for your SPA.

Consequently, server-side rendering is one of the simplest approaches to developing React web apps that are search engine optimised. However, you will need to incorporate Next.js. if you intend to create a server-rendered single-page application. All you need to do to utilise SSR for your website is to hire reactjs programmers on an hourly or  basis.

Always Remember the fundamentals

While there are additional SEO considerations with React applications, that doesn’t mean other fundamentals don’t apply. Therefore, you need to know the fundamentals of SEO and you can do so through consulting a reactjs development company

Resolve 404 Code Errors

A 404 error is displayed on any page if there is a data problem. As soon as you can, you should start configuring the files in server.js and route.js. Traffic to your web app or website can be increased by updating the files using server.js or route.js.

Create URLs in Lowercase

Some URLs are always treated as different by Google bots because of the case of the URL. Now that there is a case difference between them, these two URLs will be treated as separate entities. If you want to avoid these kinds of mistakes, make sure your URL is generated using just lowercase letters.


The challenge of integrating search engine optimization (SEO) with React is not as pressing as it was before. Single-page applications are the most prevalent sort of website produced using React, but it is still difficult to ensure that they are search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. You will need to hire a reactjs development company in order to effectively optimise your website.