Top 10 Reasons to Choose ReactJS for Your Application Development

Top 10 Reasons to choose ReactJS
ReactJS Development

Top 10 Reasons to Choose ReactJS for Your Application Development

A member of JavaScript family, React JS was released 6 years ago on May 29, 2013. Developed by Jordan Walke, a former employee at Facebook, it creates exhilarating user interfaces for web applications. Till now, over 30k websites on the internet are built on this it. As per the Google trends reports, it overtakes Angular, and Vue in the popularity race.

Today, when user experience has become a crucial factor, it is important to pick the right technology. While React is gaining popularity among the users, below are elaborated reasons that why you should go for it to for your next project.

1. Clean Abstraction

When developing a web app, it is foremost to learn an internal process such as digest cycles. These details are important to provide a clean abstraction. With React, a developer needs to understand a component’s life cycles, states, and props to be useful. Unlike MV, it doesn’t have any patterns, or architectures. Which means with the view layer, you get a free hand to design as per your requirements. There is one more architecture called Flux/Redux introduced and maintained by Facebook.

2. Fast Learning Curve

React is not a heavyweight. It is intuitive and easy to adapt. Although creating experiences using React is slightly different than other frameworks. However, with the basic knowledge of JavaScript, it can be an easy adaptable option to learn and build web apps.

3. Fast Rendering

vDOM known as virtual DOM makes the app fast. While the user interacts with the internet resources, new vDOM is being created. It compares previous and recent versions and detect when the data has changed. If yes, then it will re-render or ignore some specific pieces of DOM — one of the major reasons behind React’s high performance.

4. Reusable Components

You get a component-based structure. Starting with tiny components like button, checkbox, dropdown, etc. you can create wrapper components composed of those smaller components. After that you write higher-level wrapper components. And, it continues like that until you have this one root component and that is your app.

Here each component has their own internal logic on how they should be rendered. And that’s what brings amazing results. Because of this component-based structure, it helps to build your web app in an easier way. Plus these components are reusable. The results?  (1) A consistent look and feel, (2) easier to maintain and grow your codebase, and (3) streamlined app development.

5. SEO Friendly

As search visibility plays a critical role in terms of bringing the right users to your audience, organizations have to make sure that they develop a web application with a supported technology. With Node, React renders on the server which means it can be crawled for its content even for crawlers that don’t execute Javascript code. This helps with SEO providing metadata to social media channels.

6. Get more things done

In today’s time, getting projects with shorter deadlines are no more like surprises. With ReactJS’s reusable components, it gets easier to complete projects within budget and deliver on time. Its reusability makes it easier for developers to develop and maintain applications for a consistent look and feel across the project.

7. Stability

With its full flexibility and backend magic, Reacts makes it possible to develop a web app which is fully stable with great uptime. It embraces the JavaScript fully which means you can make use of its capabilities to the fullest.

8. Great Community Support

React has a massive community of dedicated developers. Which means you can get instant support to maintain and grow the open-source library with others to contribute their own components to the library. Tools like React Profiler and React devtools are also one of the reasons of this community.

9. React Native

Mobile devices are one of the most important places, where your web app needs to be supportive. React native is an open-source mobile application framework. Users can easily develop applications for Android, iOS, and UWP using it. With the same design patterns and transition effects it only makes it easier to have your mobile app ready in minutes.

10. Wrapping up with its Adaptability

The major reason behind why most of the companies choose React is because it doesn’t depreciate or remove APIs very often. Which means no more budget adjustments to fit in the changes every year to keep up with the technological innovation.

Wrapping up

Using React Js in your web application can be beneficial in so many ways as mentioned above. You can choose any top-notch reactjs development company in order to get started.