ReactJS: Why is it Taking over Front-End Development?

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ReactJS Development

ReactJS: Why is it Taking over Front-End Development?

One of the most prominent libraries in web development is React JS. When discussing cutting-edge tools for creating user interfaces or making front-end development , React JS is often mentioned. As a library for creating dynamic online content and user interfaces, React JS is a common tool for developers. JavaScript Libraries are used to manage the site’s dynamic content. It’s a set of pre-written JS scripts that make development faster by including useful features and libraries right out of the box. Therefore, these libraries are a significant aid for reactjs experts. Let us understand why it is taking over front-end development. 

What is ReactJS?

Before the creation of libraries, the developers had to write code manually.  They had to build everything from scratch. 

However, with the introduction of libraries development became much easier. Libraries are pre-written code that developers can use.

ReactJS is one such library that has pre-written front-end codes of Javascript Language. The reactJS programmers use it for building interactive web elements. 

In simple words, ReactJS is a library of pre-written JS code that makes development faster for reactJS development company or reactjs experts by offering them commonly-used functionality that can be used from anywhere in the code.

Popularity of ReactJS for Front-End Development

  • React was chosen as a top JS library for app development by 69.4 percent of developers in the 2018 StackOverflow Survey.
  • As of August 2018, 109,313 people had starred in React on Github, and 1,227 people had contributed to it. Thus, making it the most popular Javascript Library for reactjs programmers.
  • More than 334,251 webpages are powered by ReactJS, says SimilarTech. Over 1200 contributors actively work to improve the UI library by adding new features and fixing bugs.
  • One can easily hire reactJS developers or a reactJS Development Company as it is the most common library used for Front-end development of business websites.

Top Reasons why ReactJS is Popular and Taking Over Front-End Development

It offers Accelerated Development Through Reuse of Components.

With ReactJS, you can create a web app or a Single Page Application (SPA) with modular, reusable, and independently deployable features. To put it simply, a React component is a UI element. When put together, these parts provide a sophisticated and complete user interface. In a ReactJS application, the root component acts as the starting point for a tree structure made up of child components. Let’s understand it through an example. 

Components of a Facebook-like programme include Profile, Feeds, Status Updates, and Photos, among others. Additionally, a Status Update might include parts like a Like, Comment, or Share. Once created, these parts or components may be repurposed across several app screens to cut down on development time. 

Thus, ReactJS stands out from other similar front-end development frameworks due to its emphasis on reusable components. 

It Provides Code Simplification and Makes Coding Easier.

All front-end programmers have struggled with the challenges posed by a language’s strict syntax. In general, designing logic becomes more challenging the more obscure the syntax and structure are. However, that is not a limitation of ReactJS. 

Because of its declarative nature, it allows for computing logic to be expressed without detailed descriptions of control flow. Thus, reactJS experts or reactJS programmers do not worry much about writing code. It makes their life simpler as they have to write less code and bugs can be easily fixed. 

There Is a Rich Variety of Tools for Developers in the React Ecosystem.

There is a lot of support for React, making it a popular choice for a reactJS Development Company. Front-end developers have access to a large library of pre-made charts and images that can be easily modified.

Furthermore, there is extensive documentation for novice developers to examine. The library’s rapidly expanding user base and all of its features are open to explore anyone. 

ReactJS Can Easily Be Added to Preexisting Code

Scaling a project is possible with ReactJS since it is easy to integrate React components into live code. Further, many other libraries and frameworks (such as jQuery and Backbone) may be used with ReactJS to help developers increase the app’s scalability.

Strong Community for Support During Development

There are millions of programmers working on ReactJS. Popular developer communities like Stackoverflow provide a place to discuss and troubleshoot code-related issues. The future of React, as well as its current and future best practices in application architecture, are frequently discussed in prominent online forums. Besides, an option to hire a ReactJS Development Company is also available.  There is a large and active community behind the ReactJS technology, making it easy for developers to get in and begin creating applications and complicated user interface components.

ReactJs is Easier to Learn. 

Developers readily adopt front-end development solutions with a lower learning curve, such as React JS. The problem is that nobody has time to master a brand new piece of technology from the start. As a result, Developers are less inclined to use a technology with a high learning curve. However, this isn’t the case with ReactJS.  

The front-end developer or JavaScript Programmers may quickly become proficient with ReactJS and become reactJS experts. It is simpler for developers to understand and practise it through an internship or on a project with reactjs development company.

Multiple Uses of ReactJs

The potential applications of Reactjs are limitless. This is because React is a flexible library with many potential applications. Some of the uses or applications of ReactJs are as follows:

  • Blog Websites/Blogs
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Portfolios of Freelancers/Business Portfolios
  • Websites for Amazon Affiliates
  • Online Educational Websites
  • Websites like Facebook, Quora Youtube
  • Auction and Coupon Websites


ReactJs is one of the best libraries for  Front-end web-development. The above reasons are making it popular and the most-used library for front-end development. Having a website developed through ReactJs development company can significantly benefit you. Or, If you are interested in learning web-development, learning it from Reactjs Experts will help you learn quickly. Therefore, if you want to quickly make engaging front-ends, especially Single Page Websites, devote sufficient effort to learning the syntax and functionalities of React.