How to Set Up and Send Mails Using SendGrid in NodeJs App?

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How to Set Up and Send Mails Using SendGrid in NodeJs App?

Email is still the most popularly used method for written business communication. Whether it is customer care, a transactional or a marketing email, there are various ways to send emails. If you have developed an App, eCommerce platform or any other online business, you would definitely be required to send emails to your customers.

Imagine you have a tremendous new NodeJs app and need to build the email backend. Here, we shall cover how to set up and send emails using SendGrid in your NodeJs app. And for the recruiters or a NodeJS Development Company you can benefit fro the article to know traits of a good developer while you hire NodeJS developers.

What is SendGrid?

SendGrid is a cloud-based email delivery service platform that makes it easy to send large volumes of email. With SendGrid, you can easily send emails from your Node.js application with a few lines of code.

SendGrid provides a REST API to make sending emails from your Node.js application easy. You can also use the SendGrid SDK to integrate SendGrid into your application.

Why use SendGrid in NodeJS to Send Emails?

If you’re like most developers, you’ve probably been using email for communication for years. Whether sending an occasional message to a colleague or managing an extensive mailing list, email is considered to be an effective way to stay in touch with your customers and team. This article will show you how to set up and send emails using SendGrid in Node.js. 

Let us explore why SendGrid is used in NodeJS for sending out emails:

It is a cloud-based SMTP providing you with a solution to send email or bulk emails smoothly.

The mail servers are maintained and managed by them. So you need not worry about arranging resources for the same.

They assure you of reliability and confidentiality.

You can track and analyse deliveries.

It gives you ease in running email marketing campaigns.

For all emails sent from the same platform, you avoid the hassle of pulling in data from various sources.

Integration with Node is simple and straightforward.

Features like cost-effectiveness, ease of integration and use make it an excellent emailing platform.

Sending Emails using SendGrid in NodeJs App?

To send emails using SendGrid in NodeJS, a few things need to be set up. The first thing is to create an account with SendGrid. Once you have an account, you must create a sendgrid.js application. The next step is to create a SendGrid client object. P-code:

var client = new SendGrid . Client ( ‘YOUR_API_KEY’ );

Once the client has been created, the next step is configuring it. It can be done by passing in the required information as arguments when creating the client object. The first argument is the email address used to send emails. The second argument is the domain that will be used for sending emails. The last argument is the SmtpServer that will be used to send emails. Once these settings have been configured, they can be accessed by calling the following methods:

client. E-mail address = ‘YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS’ ; // Sets the email address for sending emails client . domain = ‘YOUR_DOMAIN’ ; // Sets the domain for sending emails client . smtpServer = ‘YOUR_SMTP_SERVER’ ; // Sets the SmtpServer for sending emails

 Once the client has been configured, the next step is to create an email message. lease use following his can be done by using the following code:

var msg = { subject : ‘Hello world!’ , from : ‘Sendgrid!’ , to : [ ‘’ , ‘’ ], body : ‘This is a test email!’ }; client. Send ( msg ); Once the email message has been created, it can be sent by calling the send() method on the client object. 

This will send the email message to the configured SMTP server.

If you want to test that the email message has been sent, you can use the SendGrid() method to send a test email. This will send the email message to the default address for SendGrid.


This article taught us how to set up and send emails using SendGrid in a NodeJs app. We have also looked at some options available for sending emails, such as delivery time estimation and notification settings. So you see how easy it is to send emails with SendGrid. It saves a lot of your time and increases the productivity of your email marketing campaigns. There are many recruitment teams or firms  and NodeJS development companies on the lookout to hire NodeJS developers.

Sure enough, by now, you should be able to set up your own SendGrid account and start sending emails quickly!