Superbright LEDs

Superbright LEDs

About Project

Super Bright LEDs (SBL) is an online retailer, wholesaler, and consultation company for LED lighting solutions. SBL is an industry leader with thousands of LED products servicing a wide variety of customers. SBL supplies LED products to numerous industries including industrial, commercial, vehicle, home, and more.

You can choose your LED product from different categories available such as commercials, bars, vehicles and residential, etc.

The development started with the backend.

  • Admin User master with different types of admin users with their role and permission 
  • Vendor Partner Management
  • WordPress like menu manager 
  • Photos gallery management 
  • Easy to use File manager
  • Mobile responsive admin panel
  • SEO and Meta keyword provision for each page. 
  • Language management provided, using which admin can add new language support for the website for multi-language support 
  • Payment Gateway Integration

Admin also have reporting module with the month and year filter for 

  • LED sell report
  • Sales Charts

The frontend started with converting PSD to mobile responsive HTML. The Home page contains a list of LEDs for commercials, residential, vehicles and many more. It also has the autosuggest search facility for the same. For this requirement, we suggested the client to go with laravel development.

Technologies Used: Laravel, MySql, Bootstrap

Team Member: 1 PHP Laravel developer, 1 Frontend Developer [Hire Dedicated Laravel Developer]

Duration: 30 Days