How to bind React with Laravel in Ubantu?

In this blog, you will learn about binding react app in laravel 5.4. You need to follow subsequent steps to this blog. Step 1: Install Laravel 5.4 Step 2: Install…

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YouTube Integration Steps in Android

There are mainly 3 steps to integrate youtube in your Android application. 1) Register Your Application in Google Developer Console 2) Add Dependency for YouTube 3) Android Integration Part 1)…

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Redmine: A project management software tool

What is Redmine? Redmine is the best open source a project management Software tool. This application is written in ruby. Its features are: multiple projects track the track spent time on…

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How to Connect fire-base via HTTP in Vue.js

What is firebase?? Firebase is real-time database platform in which you can see real-time data of your app. In this, data is stored in JSON format and synchronized in real…

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