Best React Developer Tools To Use in 2022

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ReactJS Development

Best React Developer Tools To Use in 2022

React is a popular open-source JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. Many Reactjs development companies are emerging due to its growing popularity. This article will look at a few useful React developer tools available in 2022. We’ll discuss these tools, how they can be used, and some of their benefits. So if you’re looking to improve your React skills, read on!

Types of React Development Tools?

React developers tools are software that allows developers to create React Applications. React development Tools include various tools, such as a debugger, an editor, and a testing suite.

One of the essential types of React development Tools is a debugger. This tool helps developers understand how their code runs by displaying variables and logs in real-time. It also provides access to the underlying codebase, which can help debug complex issues.

Another important type of React Development Tool is an editor. This tool allows developers to write code in a plain text format and render it into a React Application. It makes it easy to edit and test code snippets.

Finally, a significant type of React development Tool is a testing suite. This suite allows developers to test their applications quickly and easily. It includes features such as unit testing and integration testing.

Why are React Development Tools Required?

One of the most critical reasons React developers tools are required because they make creating fast, efficient code easier. React is a high-speed and fluid JavaScript library, making it easy to write responsive and user-friendly code. However, this same responsiveness can make code difficult to read and maintain.

React development tools help overcome these challenges by providing several features that make it easier to write code. For example, they provide Sass support, making it easy to style your code. They also include built-in linting and testing tools, which help to ensure that your code is error-free. Finally, React development tools provide online documentation and support, which makes it easy to find help if you need it.

With deep knowledge and expertise in all these tools, your resume gets highlighted easily to any HR team going to hire ReactJS developers. This is one personal benefit.

Here Are a Few Helpful React Development Tools : JSX

JSX is a new syntax for writing React components. It makes creating reusable React components much easier, becoming increasingly popular among React developers.

JSX uses a combination of JavaScript and XML. It looks like HTML but with some extra features for writing React components.

JSX also makes it easy to modularize your code. You can split your code into different files based on the specific tasks. This makes it easier to maintain your codebase and make changes.


One of the top React developer tools is enzyme. This tool helps speed up your development process by automatically resolving conflicts in your code. It also provides helpful insights into how your code is behaving.
Enzyme is a free tool that you can download from the React website. After installing it, you must add it to your project’s dependencies. For the same click on the “Add Dependencies” button in the upper right corner of your workspace.
Once enzyme has been added to your project, you can start using it by clicking on the “React” tab in the upper left corner of your workspace. You can click on the “Enzyme” button to start using it.


1. Styled components is a popular React development tool that makes it easy to create modular and reusable components.

2. styled-components make it easy to style your components using CSS. This means you can create custom styles for each of your components, making them look consistent across different applications.

3. styled-components also include a built-in CSS compiler that can automatically compile your Sass files into CSS. It saves you time and hassle when building your applications.

4. Finally, styled-components include a bunch of other features, like automatic component testing and lazy loading. These make it easier to develop high-performance applications with React.

React Router 4

React Router 4 is a powerful and popular React web development framework that allows you to create dynamic, interactive websites.

React Router 4 has several features that make it a powerful tool for web developers. These features include support for routing, conditional rendering, react-router-dom, and more.

React Router 4 is available as a free and open-source project that is well supported by the community. If you are new to React or looking for a powerful and flexible tool for your React development work, then be sure to check out React Router 4!


This open-source tool is used for building the UI components and pages in isolation. It is supportive of testing as well.


Redux is a state management solution for React. It enables you to keep track of the state of your applications and make changes to them as needed. Making it ideal for applications that need to be maintainable and flexible.

Redux also has a well-defined API, which makes it easy to use. Especially useful if you are new to React. Furthermore, Redux is highly optimized, meaning your applications will run faster on average.

If you are looking for a robust state management solution for your React applications, then Redux must be part of your project.


One of the top React developer tools is immutable.js. This library helps create and manage always consistent and reliable code.

Immutable.js makes code easier to read, understand, and maintain. It eliminates the need for refactoring, which can save time and energy in the long run. It also ensures that code remains consistent across changes so developers can work with it more confidently.

Formik and Yup

As rightly mentioned, build form without tears. It makes creating forms easy which otherwise is a tedious job in React. With Yup, one can build advanced forms quickly. It eases the job of passing the values and for validation purposes.


Webpack is a powerful tool developer can use to bundle and optimize their code.

Webpack can be used to generate modular code, which can make development faster and easier. It can also be used to compress your code, which can reduce the size of your files.

Webpack also has a plugin system that allows you to add custom functionality. It means that you can customize Webpack to fit your needs perfectly.


One of the most important React developer tools is Babel. Babel is a tool that helps you to convert your code from one language to another. This is especially useful when working with different languages on different platforms.

Babel can also help you to improve the performance of your code. It can automatically convert the code so that it is more efficient. This means that your code will run faster and fewer resources will be used.

Another great feature of Babel is its plugins, which allow you to add new features to the compiler or change how the code is processed. It means that you can tailor Babel to fit your specific needs.


GraphQL is a query language enabling you to access information from a backend using natural language. hence making it easier for you to interact with the data stored on the backend.


CodeSanbox is an online tool used for editing code. It helps automate the task of bundling, transpiring, and dependency management. One can create a new project in one click. It has many more features easing your project development.


React is quite popular JavaScript library used for building user interfaces. Here we have discussed about React developer tools that are sure to help you be more productive and efficient when working with React. From debuggers and profilers to integration tools and development frameworks, these tools will make your life as a React developer much more manageable. Easy to learn and hands on skill of such tools tempts any recruiter to hire ReactJS developers. So whether you’re just starting with React, have been using it for years, or are a professional working in a ReactJS development company, be sure to check out these useful React developer tools!