Benefits of ReactJS: Top 10 Reasons to Choose It

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Benefits of ReactJS: Top 10 Reasons to Choose It

Front-end development has been one of the most exciting fields in terms of cutting-edge tools and continuously evolving features. Out of these, React.JS is an efficient, declarative, and flexible open-source Javascript library for building simple, fast, and scalable frontends of web applications, according to Jordan Walke, its creator. It was built for Facebook and is maintained by them. As an open-source library, it continues to influence front-end development and for building user interfaces for single-page applications. 

React.JS creates specific changes in data of web application without reloading the web pages. This is why it is simple and fast in creating a user interface. Today, some of the most popular websites in the world such as Netflix, Apple, Paypal, and others use React.JS due to the amazing flexibility and comprehensive capabilities it offers. 

If you are looking for similar services, you should definitely consider working with a ReactJS Development Company for it. Or, if you only have limited requirement, you should hire React.JS developer who understands your project. They should be able to translate your vision into reality so you can engage seamlessly with your customers. React.JS can help you deliver customer delight!

So let’s look at the top ten reasons to go for React.JS: 

Exceptional Agility

Unlike other popular frameworks, React.JS is small since it is developed on the concept of components and functions seamlessly with other frameworks and libraries such as JQuery. 

When developing a high volume app, the application performance should not be compromised. One of the major issues earlier was that even small changes at the top layer can have unintended ripple effects that can wreck the entire application. With React.JS, developers can leverage the virtual document object model (virtual DOM) to make changes without worrying about the application crashing. That is why React.JS developers can offer solutions faster than everyone else. 

React.JS makes it possible to offer a better user experience, higher application performance, within the least amount of time.


React.JS is fundamentally a more stable core since it only uses downward data flow. The parent structure is kept unaffected from changes in the child structure so when React.JS developers want to change an object, they only have to modify the state, make amendments, and only then proceed with updating. This structure ensures that the code is stable and delivers a smooth app performance. 

React.JS supports code reusability and helps in developing amazing Android web apps. Since the data flow from a single point, it is extremely useful for a React.JS development company to employ this framework.  

Engaging User Interfaces

User interaction or User interface is one of the major differentiators among brands today. It is well-known that customers can be lost due to a poor user interface. Especially in web and mobile applications, it is one of the main reasons for success or failure. 

If you want to build a popular application, you should hire a React.JS developer for the front-end. They can help you build rich user interfaces that are necessary for the application to survive and thrive in the hyper-competitive marketplace. It also enables React.JS developers to building a high-quality experience for users. 


When you hire a React.JS development company, make sure that they are comfortable with JSX. This is an optional syntax extension that makes it possible to write requisite components as per your application’s requirement. Those components will accept HTML quoting to empower developers to easily render the subcomponents. 

JSX also plays a huge role in building high volume applications and helps convert HTML mockups into ReactElement trees. 

SEO-friendly framework

Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial component of success for any business today. For apps, lower page load times and faster rendering speeds will rank the app higher on Google. Since React.JS delivers faster rendering than other frameworks, it significantly reduces the load times of the page and helps improve the app ranking on search engines. It is also able to handle common search engine issues such as failure to read JavaScript high volume apps is another great reason why you should hire a React.JS developer for developing your app. 

Wide range of Developer tools

React.JS library comes with a complete toolset that helps developers deploy interesting and engaging features for applications. With React dev tools and Chrome tools as part of the framework, it becomes easier for developers to discover parent and child components, observe component hierarchies, and inspect the present state and props of the components. 

Strong Community

React.JS has a very strong support community so you can be assured of quick solutions. Currently, React.JS has 1331 regular contributors on Github who contribute towards making React a better frontend framework. Experts are regularly delivering free React tutorials on Youtube and write in-depth tutorials through articles and blogs. They are also available on interactive sites to help those who are interested in React.JS understand how it works and how it can work for you. 

Mobile – Centric

React.JS helps build UI native apps for mobile that function on Android and iOS. Facebook actually upgraded the framework to enable this so when you hire React.JS developers, make sure that they are comfortable in offering this solution. 

Performance and Testing

You can use React.JS to browse ES 6 modules that define dependencies. That’s why they are easy to test. They can be treated as a function of the present state and so can be verified for the output, triggered actions, events, etc. React.JS makes it easy to do the testing for various scenarios and ensure that your app is ready to deal with the user requirements. 

Always up-to-date

Since the React.JS framework is maintained by Facebook developers, the project has benefited from their continuous support. The framework is growing continuously due to the large supporting community that is always helping users with recommendations, suggestions, and solutions. 

These are some of the reasons why React.JS framework is a great choice for your development project. Depending on your requirement, you can work with a React.JS development company, or hire a React.JS developer who can fulfill your requirements.