Angular JS vs React JS: Which One to Choose?

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Angular JS vs React JS: Which One to Choose?

Angular and React, both of these are most in-demand frameworks. It is the biggest question for any business owner to choose the right JavaScript system, application or website. It can have an immediate bearing on task’s toughness and capacity to fit in cutoff times, further code practicality, and versatility of your future application.

Latest VersionOctober 2019, V 16.11V 1.7.8 March 2019
AuthorFacebook CommunityGoogle
TypeOpen Source JS LibraryFully-featured MVC Framework
Tool ChainHighLow
Learning CurveLowHigh
App ArchitectureNone, Combined with FluxMVC
RenderingServer SideClient Side
LanguageJavaScriptJavaScript, HTML
Data BindingUni-directionalBi-directional

The essential contrast among AngularJS and ReactJS lies in the condition of its administration. AngularJS has information restricting packaged in as a matter of course, though React is commonly enlarged by Redux to give unidirectional information stream and work with changeless information. Both are restricting methodologies and there is no agreement on what is better: variable/bi-directional information authoritative or unchanging/unidirectional. Let us have a look at benefits of React as well as AngularJs


AngularJS is a system that gives countless local alternatives and highlights. It permits you to profit by various alternatives legitimately, which makes it conceivable to begin a task quicker without being threatened by the decisions to be made at startup.

When looking at ReactJS Vs AngularJS, it is essential to realize that ReactJS is an open-source JavasScript library. Thus, you have to add outside segment libraries to have a similar number of highlights. You should include components for “directing” to compel unidirectional streams, to call APIs, set up tests, oversee conditions, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Data Binding

AngularJS makes use of a two-way data binding that connects Document Object Model(DOM) values to model data. Meaning, if for the purpose of user interaction with a field, a new value is provided to the app, it will surely result in the update of both the view and the model. Additionally, it also lets you write less  boilerplate code in order to include the interactions between the components in your application. These two-way data binding approaches have a negative impact on the performance.

When talking about React JS, it supports one way binding. It offers singular behavior for your application. The risk of errors are decreased React JS and also helps to maintain complex nature by one way data flow  while also maintaining ease to debug large react applications 


Based on MVVM model i.e., model-view-view-model comes with features such as data link, change detection, forms, routing, navigation, HTTP implementation are just listed of many.

React JS is based on MVC model which is model view controller that only works with view layer with libraries like Redux and Flux as controller or react-router for navigation


AngularJS offers a boost in loading speed by its MVVM model which loads pages considerably faster and advances to asynchronous mod which reduces entry in a server increasing speed of designing web pages.

In ReactJS an own virtual DOM is created where its components are framed. Also brings ease in navigation because data is displayed without refreshing the page. 

AngularJS offers low execution with complex and dynamic applications. Likewise, virtual DOM empowers the quicker exhibition of ReactJS applications than AngularJS applications for the uses of a similar size.

Dependency Injection

It is a product configuration design that helps in making parts reusable, viable, and testable. AngularJS consequently finds the proper infused objects with parameters, for example, $routeParams, $filter, store, and $scope. $inject and $provide are the two capacities that make dependency injection conceivable in the AngularJS system. In any case, the inherent holder for dependency injection with React is missing. It is made conceivable by the consideration of instrument modules, for example, Browserify, RequireJS, ECMAScript 6 modules. It is one of the huge purposes of correlation among AngularJS and ReactJS.

Directives And Templates

AngularJS has its directives to chip away at DOM. ng-tie or ng-application are a portion of the standard directives with it. Further, you can even make your orders also. It is considered as one of the most remarkable approaches to work with the DOM. Likewise, to outline, we can utilize orders, both standard and explicit to tie DOM components with AngularJS applications.

In React, whenever an event occurs it chooses to reinterpret all templates and UI but does not differ any division in templates or template logic and directives.


AngularJS and ReactJS both have a great community for support offers wide documentation but with different perspectives when it comes to how app development is done.

Therefore you may choose React js and hire a finest Reactjs development company when you want to expand functions of your application or when you have dynamic content that changes constantly.

You shall choose AngularJs when you need to quickly start and establish a framework seeking a powerful fast and a maintained project of any size.