Top 10 Reasons Why should you Accept BitCoin Payments on your eCommerce Site

Reasons Why You Should You Accept Bitcoin Payments on Your eCommerce Site
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Top 10 Reasons Why should you Accept BitCoin Payments on your eCommerce Site

With the help of technology, it has become easier for the businesses sot revolutionize the multiple areas of the economy. Also, Bitcoin is one of the most trending technological solutions that have eased down the troubling payment transfer system into something easy and successful. So before moving ahead, let’s take a look over Bitcoin and its meaning followed by some compelling reasons to incorporate it into our next-gen e-commerce website.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment network, which allows the money to be transferred from one person to another directly over the internet. This removes the need for middlemen like credit agency or bank in between, and gets control over their funds digitally. In this new system, it becomes easier for the businesses to carry the money transfer process and get no charges, and no unnecessary commission, and make the payment done easily.

With this post, we have brought the top 10 benefits, which suggest why you must integrate the Bitcoins system into your business model.

1. Less commission

Every eCommerce service provider has to look forward to different payment methods for their stores, and whether it is an online or regular fee, some commission is always associated with it. The unwanted taxes and fees on all services and products can be a headache for startups, as it makes a clear rule, that less they pay the better for their margin. However, integrating the bitcoin methodology in their business model, it makes them pay a lesser amount for the commission.

On average, businesses need to pay 1% on the payments. As bitcoin can be accessed directly for free, therefore businesses don’t get to experience any sort of commission, intermediary, or third-party charges on their payment methods.

2. Does not let the payment get delayed

You should know that bitcoin payments are faster and immediate, and as an eCommerce website owner, you don’t need to wait for a week to get the payment to reflect in your account, once the transaction gets approved, you can see the payment in your account without any delay.

3. Easy to integrate, and it is faster and cheaper

The time consumes in accepting bitcoin is very fast, and can make the process of integration faster and cheaper for you. By following a few steps, you can add bitcoin payment to your site within minutes with any WordPress plugin. Also, if your eCommerce site doesn’t run on the WordPress website, still the integration will take only a few hours to complete it. This helps you to run your business operation in a faster, cheaper, and smarter way.

4. There is no fraudulent chargeback

We all know that identity theft is a reality, and that is obvious to be experienced in conventional payment methods. There are chances of frauds to occur in payment, that’s how banks cancel the fraudulent payment and reimburse the customer. But in this condition, the banks don’t reimburse the selling company, which brings the losses to the businesses’ face. On the other hand, Bitcoin payment is no refutable and can’t be reversed. It clearly means that once blockchain approves the payment, you get the money directly.

5. Global expansion

Every eCommerce store wants to expand its visibility to global grounds, as this helps them to increase their sales with a larger customer base. Also, when you integrate Bitcoin on your business model, then you don’t have to be bothered about the exchange rates and conversion fees. Thus technology is global, and anyone on the planet can access, and with the popularity of blockchain projects, it is much wiser for your business to invest in it.

6. Bitcoin works all the time

As we know banks have their own limitations and they have and get shut as per the holidays and other strikes, but Bitcoin doesn’t face such troubles. You can access them as per your convenience anytime and anywhere. They are available 24*7 throughout the year, so your payment process doesn’t get hampered.

7. Better investment possibilities


With the Bitcoin, it becomes easier for you to get an excellent investment for your future development. This trending technology is going to stay here and will make changes in different ways. Also, different Governments and multinational agencies today are willing to invest in bitcoin and blockchain ventures that bring new investment opportunities for them. You can invest in any type of cryptocurrencies, and further use bitcoin to buy or invest in new products or buy further utilities for your company. To get the most out of the Bitcoin, you can keep your bitcoin and wait for the price to go high and then sell it to gain profits.

8. BYOB becomes easier

When you accept bitcoin in your business model with the help of a Shopify development company, then you get access to a new world, where you can Be Your Own Bank. You don’t need to rely on anybody else but your own business to access and manage your finance. You have the freedom to invest, transact, pay, or exchange any amount without any bank’s permission, and you can make the payment with bitcoins available in your account.

9. Win the obstacle of competition

Today many businesses are accepting bitcoin, and this is where bigger brand are also investing their efforts in including Bitcoin technology. This means that if you include this technology into your business model, then definitely you are going to move ahead of your competition.

With the help of this new technology, it becomes easier for businesses to carry out the financial mechanism, and this is where Bitcoin will be your savior. Also, accepting this new technology into your system will let your customers get a feel that you are advanced and up-to-date technology.

10. Safest technology

You want to save your platform from any hacking invasion, and your consumers also want to access a safe portal. This issue is resolved by Bitcoin technology, as it is supported by the blockchain system and cryptography security. With this technology, it becomes easier for the customers to exchange information securely, and they can also enjoy a completely secure payment system. It gives them full control over their assets and privacy, so customers can pay with the safest technology without any problem.


We all know that Bitcoin is a very dynamic and engaging technology, which holds the potential to transform the eCommerce sector. Today consumers want to access everything on their fingertips, and this is where Bitcoin technology is making a difference.

Bitcoin has the power to accomplish the different challenges faced by the E-commerce industry. This technology is an innovative, viable, and promising solution, allowing a vast number of companies to draw the attention of many customers. If you are also planning to implement Bitcoin technology onto your eCommerce platform, then you must contact the best eCommerce development company – ThinkTanker and let your business grow.